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Tree Saplings for Sale

We have a wide range of high quality British grown tree saplings for sale. They’re long lasting, sustainable gifts for any occasion and offer a perfect alternative to sending cut flowers. What more could you want?

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  1. Rowan Tree Gift

    The Rowan tree is the Celtic 'Tree of Life'. Rowan Trees or Mountain Ash as they are also known are said to protect from negative enchantment.

  2. Wild Cherry Tree Gift

    Wild Cherry trees are native to the UK and don’t grow too large and so are ideal for medium to large gardens. Wild Cherry tree Supplied is 30-60cm tall.

  3. Silver Birch Tree Gift

    Known to the Ancient Celts as the 'Lady of the Woods'. Silver Birch tree supplied is 20-40cm tall.

  4. Oak Tree Gift

    The Oak Tree is considered sacred to most major cultures but was held in particular high esteem to the Celts. The Oak tree is known as the ’Father of the Woods’ possibly due to its size, strength and longevity. The Oak Tree is an ancient symbol of truth, courage and knowledge and was often used in spells associated with success and stability.
    Celtic weddings often took place beneath an Oak tree. Druids belief that Mistletoe was in its most sacred form when growing amongst the branches of an Oak tree.
    Doors were often made of Oak wood as this was thought to protect the home from evil.
    The Oak is a mighty tree that will grow for hundreds of years and makes an excellent gift for an important man in your life.
    Oak tree supplied is 20-50cm tall.

  5. Crab Apple Tree Gift

    The Crab Apple Tree Gift or the 'Tree of Love' as it was known to the Ancient Celts.

  6. Holly Tree Sapling Gift

    The Holly Tree sapling gift - individually boxed with accompanying care guide and greetings card.

  7. Elder Tree Gift

    The Elder Tree has always been considered to be the 'Protective Tree' and its wood was used to make wands to drive out evil.

  8. Blackthorn Tree Gift

    The Blackthorn Tree Gift is a small shrubby tree and is native to the British Isles. Blackthorn tree supplied 20-50cm tall.

  9. Grey Willow Tree Gift

    Also known as the 'Tree of Enchantment' or 'Witches Aspirin'. The Grey Willow Tree was used to gain inspiration or eloquence and its wood was often used for making wands. In Celtic mythology it was said that the world had hatched from two eggs which were hidden in the boughs of the Willow.
    It is a small tree, rarely growing above 32ft(10m) and it thrives in damp areas.
    Grey Willow tree supplied is 20-40cm tall. (Depending on season).

  10. Beech Tree Gift

    The Beech Tree Gift is otherwise known as the Mother of the Woods. Beech tree sapling supplied is 20-40cm tall.

  11. Welcome to the World Tree Gift Pack

    The Welcome to the World Baby Gift includes a native tree sapling, tree protector, personalised plaque and new baby card.

  12. Sloe Bush Gift

    The Sloe Bush Gift is a small, shrubby tree that is native to the Britain. The berries are perfect for flavouring sloe gin.

  13. Hawthorn Tree Gift

    The Hawthorn Tree is said to represent true love, partnership and commitment, tree supplied is 20-40cm tall.

  14. Walnut Tree Gift

    It is said that Walnut trees can aid a fresh start in life and help us to let go of the past. Walnut tree supplied is 15-60cm tall. (Depending on season).

  15. Nordman Fir Tree Gift

    The Nordman Fir Tree Gift is a sapling Nordman Fir tree ready for planting into a pot to enjoy many years of Christmases.

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15 Item(s)

Saplings and Seedlings

Most of our saplings are deciduous UK native trees and vary in all different shapes and sizes between species. We take care in making sure that all our trees are of the highest quality.

Send a classic native tree like a silver birch, a great gift idea to send to the lucky couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  Oak and beech trees are perfect for adding wonderfully distinctive British character to large gardens and other appropriate grounds.

We have tree saplings that produce a delicious crop a few years after planting. Our elder sapling gift can produce berries perfect for making delicious wines and jams. Or consider a blackthorn tree sapling and have your hand at flavouring your own sloe-gin.

Saplings are extremely popular for all your favourite occasions and are available in our gift packs, from birthdays and weddings to new baby gifts. Planting a treeis a wonderful way to celebrate important life events and every time it comes into leaf you will be reminded of that very special occasion.

Order before 11am and get next day delivery from Tuesday to Friday. All of our trees are sent on a next day service (Highland and Island, ROI, NI addresses on a two day service) and are picked and packed on day of dispatch to ensure it arrives in the best condition.

Watch our video on how we present our tree gifts...