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Standard Trees

Send beautifully gift wrapped standard trees as gifts to friends and family for something they’ll never forget. We have lovely quality standard bay and olive trees as well as a nice selection of fruit trees ready to be delivered today.

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  1. Lemon Tree Gift

    Send a high quality, Italian grown Lemon Tree Gift, beautifully gift wrapped. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and housewarmings.

  2. Orange Tree Gift

    Get fruity and send an Orange Tree Gift.

  3. Olive Tree Gift - Standard

    The Olive Tree is said to be a symbol of peace and this Olive Tree gift is the perfect gift to mark any special occasion. Our Standard Olive trees are looking exceptionally good at the moment and are covered in lots of tiny Olives!

  4. Large Bay Tree Gift

    These large Bays will look great on a decked or patio area and is the perfect gift for foodies.

  5. Double Stem Corkscrew Bay Gift (12L)

    The Double Stem Bay Tree add a touch of elegance to any home. The intricate stems that intertwine provide a beautiful pedestal for the vibrant green leaves.

  6. Large Twisted Olive Tree Gift

    Our Large Twisted Stem Olive Tree comes in a 12 litre pot at a height of 90cm - perfect for sunny patios, great for wedding ceremonies.

  7. Pair of Large Bay Tree Gifts

    The Large Bay Tree Gifts really will make a lasting impression at any home, the perfect statement gift to send when words are just not enough.

  8. Red Lemon Tree Gift

    The Red Lemon Tree Gift is a perfect delight, moving on from our Classic Tree2mydoor Lemon Tree gift.

  9. Grapefruit Tree Gift

    The beautiful evergreen Grapefruit Tree is a perfect focal point of any garden or conservatory. The beauty of this majestic gift offers many values that will reward anyone who receives it.

  10. Twisted Bay Tree Gift (large)

    Buy a Twisted Bay Tree Gift and have it delivered directly to your friends and family for a taste of the Med in their home.

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10 Item(s)

Clear Stem Trees for the Garden

These trees really make a statement and we have many different varieties available to be delivered right to friends and families doors.

Standard bays and olives are an ideal gift for a food fanatic that will add Mediterranean character to the garden and flavour in the kitchen. The perfect tree gift to send as a long-lasting housewarming or birthday gift.

We also have a collection of smaller fruiting standard trees like our lemons and oranges, perfect for growing in a bright airy room or out on the patio in the summer. They fruit 4 times a year meaning they’ll have a constant supply of zesty fruits right at their fingertips.

Twisted stem trees are a stylish, modern take on the usual standard tree. They have been grown and nurtured in such a way that their stems take on a beautiful spiral or double helix shape. Delight loved ones with something more intriguing than just your usual standard stem.

Standard trees look great in pairs, after all, don’t they say two is better than one? They’ll stand perfectly framing any doorway, enhancing the style of the entrance to any home. Put them in matching pots and you’ve got a pair of winners for sure.

Order now and choose a delivery date in the future. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.