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Small Tree Gifts

Have a look at our range of small tree gifts, ready to be individually hand gift wrapped and packed up with an accompanying personalised greetings card. From Dwarf Fruit Trees to beautiful Japanese Maple varieties that are perfect for small gardens, patios and deckings.

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  1. Lemon Tree Gift

    Send a high quality, Italian grown Lemon Tree Gift, beautifully gift wrapped. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and housewarmings.

  2. Rowan Tree Gift

    The Rowan tree is the Celtic 'Tree of Life'. Rowan Trees or Mountain Ash as they are also known are said to protect from negative enchantment.

  3. Wild Cherry Tree Gift

    Wild Cherry trees are native to the UK and don’t grow too large and so are ideal for medium to large gardens. Wild Cherry tree Supplied is 30-60cm tall.

  4. Crab Apple Tree Gift

    The Crab Apple Tree Gift or the 'Tree of Love' as it was known to the Ancient Celts.

  5. Orange Tree Gift

    Get fruity and send an Orange Tree Gift.

  6. Small Bay Tree Gift

    Bay leaves are best known for their use in cooking and have a unique and fragrant flavour that compliments most stews and casseroles. The Bay Leaves from our superb Small Bay Trees are excellent in Asian and Mediterranean cooking and would make a perfect gift for a foodie.

  7. Victoria Plum Tree Gift

    The Victoria Plum is a self pollinating tree that will produce an abundance of dark red and purple fruits that can be eaten fresh or used in making jam and baking.

  8. Olive Bush Gift

    Send someone special their very own "Plant of Peace". This small Olive Bush Gift will mark any special occasion and makes a great gift for those who don't have a lot of space.

  9. Mini Lemon Tree Gift

    The lovely Little Lemon Gift is a delight, giving you all the love and fruit you could ever wish for in a smaller yet just as mighty gift.

  10. Dwarf Pear Tree Gift

    Send a Dwarf Pear Tree Gift to grow happily in a pot outdoors. Perfect gift idea for someone with a patio, decking or a small garden.

  11. Dwarf Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree Gift

    The Japanese Flowering Cherry is linked to friendship and good luck and plays an important part in the Japanese culture.

    This Dwarf version of the Japanese Flowering Cherry is a beautiful little tree and ideal for patio containers and smaller gardens.

  12. Twisted Bay Tree Gift (small)

    Send one of our Small Twisted Stem Bay Trees as a Gift. Perfect for growing in a pot in patios, decking and small gardens.

  13. Little Princess Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The Little Princess Acer is the perfect gift for those truly remarkable women in your life, either past, present or future.

  14. Mini Kaffir Lime Tree Gift

    The Kaffir Lime Trees for sale will look perfect sat in a conservatory or even at a desk to add a little brightness to the working day.

  15. Herb Garden Gift

    Send a beautiful Herb Garden Gift to a loved one, a fragrant trio of mini Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme trees. .

  16. Half Standard Olive Tree Gift

    Our Half Standard Olive tree gift is perfect to perfect low maintenance tree to give for many occasions.

  17. Little Sweetie Pear Tree Gift

    Send a Dwarf Pear Tree Gift to grow happily in a pot outdoors. Perfect gift idea for someone with a patio, decking or a small garden.

  18. Camellia sinensis Tea Plant

    Tea Plant Gift

    Grow your own tea with a beautiful, evergreen camellia sinensis Tea Plant perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and housewarmings.

  19. Hawthorn Tree Gift

    The Hawthorn Tree is said to represent true love, partnership and commitment, tree supplied is 20-40cm tall.

  20. Patio Victoria Plum Tree Gift

    This patio version of the Victoria plum tree is a perfect gift for those who don't have very much space.

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Trees Gifts to Brighten Up Small Spaces

Sending a small tree as a gift is the perfect way to brighten up someone’s garden if they have limited space. Perfect for growing in a container on the patio or for planting out in the garden.

Our Crab Apple and Rowan Tree saplings are the smallest of our native trees only reaching an ultimate height of 15-20m. They’re always well received gifts, especially when added to one of our tree gift packs.

Citrus trees are compact and great for keeping indoors in an unheated greenhouse or conservatory. They produce fruit and flowers up to 4 times a year so there’ll always have a constant supply of heavily scented blossom and zesty fruits at your fingertips.

Herbs are a welcome addition to any garden and are the ultimate gift for anyone into their food or aromatherapy. Our Herb Garden Gift is a stunning set of mini stem Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme. All three will look perfect placed on a patio and make a great set for someone who wants to start or expand their herb collection.

We have chosen day delivery starting at next day so whether you need a last minute gift or you want to plan way ahead just choose your target delivery date at the checkout. Delivery round the UK starts at £4.90.