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Trees Native to the UK

Send a tree as a gift for a wonderful lasting alternative to giving cut flowers! Tree2mydoor’s tree gifts can last for hundreds of years and must be one the best gift ideas in the world.

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  1. Rowan Tree Gift

    The Rowan tree is the Celtic 'Tree of Life'. Rowan Trees or Mountain Ash as they are also known are said to protect from negative enchantment.

  2. Wild Cherry Tree Gift

    Wild Cherry trees are native to the UK and don’t grow too large and so are ideal for medium to large gardens. Wild Cherry tree Supplied is 30-60cm tall.

  3. Silver Birch Tree Gift

    Known to the Ancient Celts as the 'Lady of the Woods'. Silver Birch tree supplied is 20-40cm tall.

  4. Oak Tree Gift

    The Oak Tree is considered sacred to most major cultures but was held in particular high esteem to the Celts. The Oak tree is known as the ’Father of the Woods’ possibly due to its size, strength and longevity. The Oak Tree is an ancient symbol of truth, courage and knowledge and was often used in spells associated with success and stability.
    Celtic weddings often took place beneath an Oak tree. Druids belief that Mistletoe was in its most sacred form when growing amongst the branches of an Oak tree.
    Doors were often made of Oak wood as this was thought to protect the home from evil.
    The Oak is a mighty tree that will grow for hundreds of years and makes an excellent gift for an important man in your life.
    Oak tree supplied is 20-50cm tall.

  5. Crab Apple Tree Gift

    The Crab Apple Tree Gift or the 'Tree of Love' as it was known to the Ancient Celts.

  6. Holly Tree Sapling Gift

    The Holly Tree sapling gift - individually boxed with accompanying care guide and greetings card.

  7. Elder Tree Gift

    The Elder Tree has always been considered to be the 'Protective Tree' and its wood was used to make wands to drive out evil.

  8. Christening Tree Gift Pack

    Order a Christening Tree Gift Pack that includes a personalised pewter plaque and christening tree.
  9. Blackthorn Tree Gift

    The Blackthorn Tree Gift is a small shrubby tree and is native to the British Isles. Blackthorn tree supplied 20-50cm tall.

  10. Grey Willow Tree Gift

    Also known as the 'Tree of Enchantment' or 'Witches Aspirin'. The Grey Willow Tree was used to gain inspiration or eloquence and its wood was often used for making wands. In Celtic mythology it was said that the world had hatched from two eggs which were hidden in the boughs of the Willow.
    It is a small tree, rarely growing above 32ft(10m) and it thrives in damp areas.
    Grey Willow tree supplied is 20-40cm tall. (Depending on season).

  11. Beech Tree Gift

    The Beech Tree Gift is otherwise known as the Mother of the Woods. Beech tree sapling supplied is 20-40cm tall.

  12. Hazel Truffle Tree Gift

    One UK grown Hazel tree inoculated with rare native British summer truffle spores.

  13. Oak Truffle Tree Gift

    One English grown Oak tree inoculated with rare native British summer truffle spores.

  14. Pussy Willow Tree Gift

    The PussyWillow Tree Gift is a source of wonder throughout Europe and Asia and it is not hard to see why.

  15. Medium Silver Birch Tree

    This Silver Birch tree gift certainly lives up to it's other name "The lady of the woods. It is a graceful tree with elegant weeping branches.

  16. Wild Cherry Tree (12l)

    The Wild Cherry gift will mark the beginning of spring with a mass of white flowers and rich autumn colours later in the year. It is a well loved ornamental tree and makes a perfect gift.

  17. Large Silver Birch Tree Gift

    The large Silver Birch tree gift is a popular gift for Christenings & 25th Wedding Anniversaries.

  18. Oak Truffle Tree 4 Gift Pack

    Four English grown Oak trees inoculated with rare native British summer truffle spores.

  19. English Oak Tree

    The majestic English Oak Tree was known as the Father of the Woods in Celtic folklore.

    This English Oak Tree Gift is prefect for those who have plenty of space as they can live for up to 500 years.

  20. Himalayan Birch Tree

    The Himalayan Birch tree gift is a popular gift for Christenings & 25th Wedding Anniversaries.

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Find a Wonderful UK Tree

We have a very large selection of UK native trees for sale at Tree2mydoor. Top quality trees grown from UK seed and developed lovingly in the UK. Choose from our range of native Tree saplings and larger potted trees.

With over 25 native tree gifts to choose from, browse our range of tree species to find the individual gift best suited for your occasion. To find out a little more about each tree, simply click on the more info button. Every tree comes with its very own personalised greetings card, simply choose the right card for the occasion after you register with us at your time of order!

Watch our native tree sapling tree gift box video...