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Looking good trees and plants

Trees as gifts that are particularly looking good at the moment... Have a look at our trees and plants that are looking really good and perfect for sending as gifts today. Give us a call if you have any questions before placing your order on 0161 870 6368.

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  1. Lemon Tree Gift

    Send a high quality, Italian grown Lemon Tree Gift, beautifully gift wrapped. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and housewarmings.

  2. Blueberry Plant Gift

    A berry good gift idea! Send a Blueberry Plant Gift to someone that likes chomping berries.

  3. Twisted Olive Tree Gift

    Send a twisted stem Olive Tree gift. An ancient symbol of peace and hope, the Olive Tree is steeped in legends.

  4. Orange Tree Gift

    Get fruity and send an Orange Tree Gift.

  5. Small Bay Tree Gift

    Bay leaves are best known for their use in cooking and have a unique and fragrant flavour that compliments most stews and casseroles. The Bay Leaves from our superb Small Bay Trees are excellent in Asian and Mediterranean cooking and would make a perfect gift for a foodie.

  6. Large Fig Tree Gift

    Large Fig Tree Gift - supplied around 120cm and will grow to around 3m.

  7. Olive Bush Gift

    Send someone special their very own "Plant of Peace". This small Olive Bush Gift will mark any special occasion and makes a great gift for those who don't have a lot of space.

  8. Small Fig Tree Gift

    Send a Fig Tree gift and let them make their very own Fig Rolls! Our Brown Turkey Fig Tree produces gorgeous fruits that are great for deserts.

  9. Lime Tree Gift

    Limes are versatile, healthy and smell fantastic and our Lime Tree Gift is a great gift idea for any occasion.

  10. Olive Tree Gift - Standard

    The Olive Tree is said to be a symbol of peace and this Olive Tree gift is the perfect gift to mark any special occasion. Our Standard Olive trees are looking exceptionally good at the moment and are covered in lots of tiny Olives!

  11. Large Bay Tree Gift

    These large Bays will look great on a decked or patio area and is the perfect gift for foodies.

  12. Conference Pear Tree Gift

    Send a Conference Pear tree gift to a pear fanatic. The Conference Pear is the best selling English Pear in the UK.

  13. James Grieve Apple Tree Gift

    The James Grieve apple tree is a self pollinating tree that produces yellow apples that are good for both cooking with and eating straight from the tree.

  14. Bay Tree Gift - Medium

    These medium sized Bay tree gifts look fab as a pair at either side of the door, we love them with a twinkling of fairy lights.

  15. Raspberry Box Gift

    The Raspberry Box Gift is the perfect fruity gift for a summer treat.

  16. Berry Box Gift

    A box containing two pots of edible berry plants. Including a thorn free Blackberry plant a thorn-less Loganberry plant.

    Great summer gift!

  17. Dwarf Pear Tree Gift

    Send a Dwarf Pear Tree Gift to grow happily in a pot outdoors. Perfect gift idea for someone with a patio, decking or a small garden.

  18. Queen Cox Apple Tree Gift

    Self fertile Queen Cox apple tree gift. The Queen Cox is particularly well suited to Southern gardens.

  19. Falstaff Apple Tree Gift

    Our Falstaff Apple tree will make a delightful gift for someone who loves eating apples. Crisply Falstaff Apples are also really good for making home made apple juice with!

  20. Braeburn Apple Tree Gift

    The Braeburn apple tree gift is the perfect fruity gift for those who love their apples crisp and sweet.

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Items 1 to 20 of 38 total

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Seasonal Gifts...

Here you will find the best of seasonal gifts that will provide amazing memories for years to come.This page will constantly change to reflect the very best of products that would be ideal as gifts at various times of the year.

Olive Trees being evergreen will always add a splash of the mediterranean making them an ideal gift all year round. The Bay Tree Gift is also evergreen and will provide the same qualities while giving out its wonderful fragrance.

The Citrus trees will provide fruit up to 4 times a year and would love a spot in your conservatory. The Sweet Orange Tree Gift would look beautiful on patio decking, while the tangy Lemon would like a sunny spot in your Garden. For all those looking for the ultimate health fruit, look no further, the Grapefruit Tree Gift would make an ideal gift that would give yummy fruit 4 times a year.

Make sure you bookmark this page for all your gift needs as we will be adding things for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas Gifts, New Year Gifts and Easter. There has never been an easier place to buy all your eco friendly gifts.