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Fruit Tree Gifts for Any Occasion

We have a selection of fruit tree gifts to suit a range of occasions. Order fruit trees online and send unique, unforgettable presents to your friends and family. Our fruit trees produce a bumper crop of home grown fruit each year and can be enjoyed for many years to come. Make your gift truly personal with a custom greeting card of your choice.

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  1. Blueberry Plant Gift

    A berry good gift idea! Send a Blueberry Plant Gift to someone that likes chomping berries.

  2. Patio Victoria Plum Tree Gift

    This patio version of the Victoria plum tree is a perfect gift for those who don't have very much space.

  3. Sunburst Cherry Tree Gift

    The reliable Sunburst Cherry tree will make a unique gift that supplies the owner with a bumper crop of chunky cherries to eat from the tree or cook with.

  4. Large Fig Tree Gift

    Large Fig Tree Gift - supplied around 120cm and will grow to around 3m.

  5. Victoria Plum Tree Gift

    The Victoria Plum is a self pollinating tree that will produce an abundance of dark red and purple fruits that can be eaten fresh or used in making jam and baking.

  6. Stella Cherry Tree Gift

    Choose a Stella Cherry Tree as a gift. Its a perfect little tree for gardens and will produce an abundant amount of Cherries.

  7. Small Fig Tree Gift

    Send a Fig Tree gift and let them make their very own Fig Rolls! Our Brown Turkey Fig Tree produces gorgeous fruits that are great for deserts.

  8. White Grape Vine Gift

    Send a White Grape Vine Gift to someone who enjoys a nice sweet grape, a glass of wine and a potter about in the garden.

  9. Gooseberry Bush Gift

    Gooseberry Bush Gift - supplied in a 3L pot and is the Invicta self fertile variety.

  10. Conference Pear Tree Gift

    Send a Conference Pear tree gift to a pear fanatic. The Conference Pear is the best selling English Pear in the UK.

  11. James Grieve Apple Tree Gift

    The James Grieve apple tree is a self pollinating tree that produces yellow apples that are good for both cooking with and eating straight from the tree.

  12. Raspberry Box Gift

    The Raspberry Box Gift is the perfect fruity gift for a summer treat.

  13. Berry Box Gift

    A box containing two pots of edible berry plants. Including a thorn free Blackberry plant a thorn-less Loganberry plant.

    Great summer gift!

  14. Kaffir Lime Tree Gift

    The popular Kaffir Lime tree is perfect for cooking Thai food with. Kaffir Lime Tree Gift sent in a 5l pot to UK and Irish addresses.

  15. Queen Cox Apple Tree Gift

    Self fertile Queen Cox apple tree gift. The Queen Cox is particularly well suited to Southern gardens.

  16. Dwarf Pear Tree Gift

    Send a Dwarf Pear Tree Gift to grow happily in a pot outdoors. Perfect gift idea for someone with a patio, decking or a small garden.

  17. Falstaff Apple Tree Gift

    Our Falstaff Apple tree will make a delightful gift for someone who loves eating apples. Crisply Falstaff Apples are also really good for making home made apple juice with!

  18. Bramley Apple Tree Gift

    Send a Bramley Apple tree as a gift to supply lovely Bramley Apples to cook Apple pies with every Autumn. Our Bramley Apple Trees are UK pot grown. Each tree has been individually grafted and is of the finest quality.

  19. Satsuma Tree Gift

    Send a Satsuma Tree Gift that will fruit up to 4 times a year. Great for growing in conservatories and sunny porches.

  20. Braeburn Apple Tree Gift

    The Braeburn apple tree gift is the perfect fruity gift for those who love their apples crisp and sweet.

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Fruit Tree Gift Guide

We have a variety of stunning fruit trees here at Tree2mydoor. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful tree for your own garden or you want to treat a loved one, we have the perfect product for you in our collection. Choose from citrus trees, grape vines, berry plants and much more.

The Crab Apple Tree is a traditional tree of love and makes a wonderful present for a special someone. We also have Dwarf Peach Trees to suit smaller gardens. If you really want to make an impact, try our colourful Pink Perfection Cherry Tree.

Your tree comes carefully packaged with a personalised greeting card and an informative care guide. Buy your fruit tree online and get free delivery if you spend over £99.