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Flowering Trees and Shrubs for sale

Choose from our range of gorgeous flowering trees and shrubs and select your choice of free personalised greetings card to send with it. Next day delivery available on the highest quality flowering tree gifts.

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  1. Wild Cherry Tree Gift

    Wild Cherry trees are native to the UK and don’t grow too large and so are ideal for medium to large gardens. Wild Cherry tree Supplied is 30-60cm tall.

  2. Sunburst Cherry Tree Gift

    The reliable Sunburst Cherry tree will make a unique gift that supplies the owner with a bumper crop of chunky cherries to eat from the tree or cook with.

  3. Stella Cherry Tree Gift

    Choose a Stella Cherry Tree as a gift. Its a perfect little tree for gardens and will produce an abundant amount of Cherries.

  4. Star Magnolia Tree Gift

    The Star Magnolia is a small snowy white coloured Magnolia tree native to Japan. Grows to a height of 6-8ft or 2m.

  5. Tulip Magnolia Tree Gift

    The Tulip or Saucer Magnolia as it is also known is a medium sized Magnolia tree growing to a height of 25ft or 7.6m. It bears pink-purple petals with a white inside.

  6. Lily Magnolia Tree Gift

    The Lily Magnolia is a small tree grown for it's free flowering nature. It bears tulip shaped wine purple flowers from mid-spring to midsummer.

  7. Susan Magnolia Tree Gift

    Popular fuchsia coloured (purply red) Magnolia shrub, grows to a height of 8-12ft or 2.4-3.6m.

  8. Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry Gift

    The Royal Burgundy is a stunning Japanese Flowering cherry and makes a very pretty gift for someone special.

  9. Magnolia Betty Tree Gift

    Magnolia Betty is great for a small to medium sized garden, the blooms are deep pink and purple on a dark waxy green leaf. The Magnolia Betty may re-bloom every year and produce more flowers as it does - it really is a gift the just keeps on giving.

  10. Bougainvillea Pyramid Gift

    The Bougainvillea Pyramid Plant is a flamboyant show stopper climbing to the dizzy height of fame in any garden.

  11. Bougainvillea Bush Gift

    Order a Bougainvillea Bush as a gift from Tree2mydoor for lovely purple flowers from February to October each year.

  12. Weeping Cherry Tree Gift

    A beautiful ornamental flowering cherry gift suitable for all size gardens.

  13. Mimosa Tree Gift

    The Mimosa Tree is a shimmering delight, with the bright yellow blooms creating an almost sunshine quality in very early Spring.

  14. Wild Cherry Tree (12l)

    The Wild Cherry gift will mark the beginning of spring with a mass of white flowers and rich autumn colours later in the year. It is a well loved ornamental tree and makes a perfect gift.

  15. Pink Magnolia Tree Gift

    The Pink Magnolia tree is a beautiful tree and is the perfect gift for a beautiful person.

  16. Cheals Weeping Cherry Tree

    The graceful Cheals Weeping Cherry marks Spring with an explosion of bright pink blossoms. It is a symbol of love, affection and friendship.

  17. Amanogawa Flowering Cherry Tree

    Amanogawa Flowering Cherry Tree Gift

    A little show off ornamental cherry tree, makes a great gift for any occasion.

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    Special Price £59.98

  18. Blushing Bride Cherry Tree

    The Blushing Bride cherry is one of the prettiest cherry trees and is the perfect gift for the pretty blushing bride.

  19. Snow Queen Birch Tree

    The Snow Queen Birch is a beautiful slender tree with a snowy white bark. Perfect gift for that special someone.

  20. Dwarf Diamond Peach Tree Gift

    A diamond peach tree gift idea that is suitable for even the smallest gardens.

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Beautiful Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Have a browse through our range of beautiful flowering trees and flowering shrubs, to find a gorgeous gift for your garden, or perhaps your friends and family if you are feeling generous. We have stunning Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees and Prunus Pink Perfection if you are looking for cherry trees with a real stunning look. Alternatively we have the popular Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry if you are searching for the unique wedding gift. All of our flowering trees and shrubs are grown with care and love and come with your choice of free personalised greetings cards.