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A selection of larger tree species available from us. We take care to bring you the highest quality large trees available online.

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  1. Pair of Large Bay Tree Gifts

    The Large Bay Tree Gifts really will make a lasting impression at any home, the perfect statement gift to send when words are just not enough.

  2. Wild Cherry Tree (12l)

    The Wild Cherry gift will mark the beginning of spring with a mass of white flowers and rich autumn colours later in the year. It is a well loved ornamental tree and makes a perfect gift.

  3. Large Silver Birch Tree Gift

    The large Silver Birch tree gift is a popular gift for Christenings & 25th Wedding Anniversaries.

  4. Cheals Weeping Cherry Tree

    The graceful Cheals Weeping Cherry marks Spring with an explosion of bright pink blossoms. It is a symbol of love, affection and friendship.

  5. English Oak Tree

    The majestic English Oak Tree was known as the Father of the Woods in Celtic folklore.

    This English Oak Tree Gift is prefect for those who have plenty of space as they can live for up to 500 years.

  6. Himalayan Birch Tree

    The Himalayan Birch tree gift is a popular gift for Christenings & 25th Wedding Anniversaries.

  7. Kilmarnock Willow Tree

    The Kilmarnock Willow tree gift, or Weeping Pussy Willow, is a beautiful umbrella shaped tree. It is a small tree and is perfect for those who don't have much space in the garden.

  8. Handsworth New Silver Holly Tree

    The Handsworth New Silver holly tree makes a berry nice gift.

  9. Snow Queen Birch Tree

    The Snow Queen Birch is a beautiful slender tree with a snowy white bark. Perfect gift for that special someone.

  10. Red Majestic Hazelnut Tree

    The Red Majestic Hazel is a weird and wonderful tree with it's crazy contorted branches and deep purple leaves - perfect gift for those crazy kind of people.

  11. Common Beech Tree (2m)

    The Beech or "Mother of the Woods" is certainly the Queen of the forest and features heavily in Celtic folklore.

  12. Red Oak Tree

    A slightly quirky red variety of the mighty Oak.

  13. Golden Beauty Birch Tree Gift

    Light up the garden with a Golden Beauty birch tree gift.

  14. Eucalyptus - Gum Tree

    The gunni 'Azura' is small hardy Eucalyptus which makes a perfect gift for those with smaller gardens.

  15. Amelanchier Canadensis 12L

    Amelanchier Canadensis 12L
  16. Mature Olive Tree

    Buy a Mature Olive Tree for a home or business premises. Ideal for growing in an Orangery or Atrium's.

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17 Item(s)

Buy Large Trees for UK delivery

Searching for mature trees to send as gifts, or for your own garden? You have come to the right place. We love our large trees and have a great selection for you to pick from; including ornamental trees like the Prunus Pink Perfection to large native tree favourites like the Rowan tree. Our range of large trees varies in size and style, so browse through for more details. If you need help searching for the perfect tree to complete your garden, or need a gift for your very special occasion then please get in touch with us and we can help. Each one of our large trees is sent with care, with your choice of free personalised greetings cards.