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Acer Trees for Gifts

Take a look at our small range of Acers available to send as gifts to your friends and family. Beautiful Acer trees make brilliant gifts for your very special occasion. Choose a free personalised greetings card and send a tree today.

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  1. Orange Dream Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The Orange Dream Acer is a remarkable gift for someone who is character, a real dreamer or someone who sparkles.

  2. Brandywine Maple Tree

    One of the Acer family the Brandywine Maple makes a striking ornamental gift for the garden.

  3. Little Princess Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The Little Princess Acer is the perfect gift for those truly remarkable women in your life, either past, present or future.

  4. Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    This acer bloodgood is the ultimate gift for those who have everything, yet is so understated that it requires no explanation.

  5. Red Rubrum Maple Tree

    A Beautiful ornate tree the Red Maple makes an Ace(r) gift for everyone.

  6. Crimson Queen Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The Crimson Queen Japanese Maple has deep red leaves which darken to purple in autumn. This small garden tree will arrive at around 1ft / 30cm.

  7. Firecracker Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    One of the larger Japanese Maples, 'Firecracker' reaches an eventual height of 4m, with finely cut, deeply lobed leaves which are burgundy in spring and summer, erupting into a fiery red for its autumn grand finale.

  8. Enkan Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The Enkan Japanese Maple Tree offers bold red colouring during the height of summer adding a splash of colour to any garden.

  9. Garnet Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The Garnet Maple is beautiful, wispy-leaved, low growing Japanese maple which provide wonderful deep colour and texture for gardens large and small and provide an array of interest through the seasons.

  10. Black Lace Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    ‘Black Lace’ is one of the larger Japanese Maples which will add a striking architectural addition to a garden. The finely cut foliage provides sumptuous texture, with the red-purple leaves darkening in summer to deep purple, and culminating in a display of bright scarlet & glowing orange in autumn.

  11. Summer Gold Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    Summer Gold is one of the smaller, slow growing maples this is the perfect addition to any garden, the light-coloured leaves will catch and reflect the light to add a touch of sunshine and a feeling of and space in small or shady gardens.

  12. Butterfly Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The beautiful Butterfly Japanese Maple has a symbolic association with Beauty and Magnificence.

  13. Phoenix Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes this has an association of great achievement, accomplishment and success.

  14. Attraction Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The Attraction Japanese Maple Tree Gift is a small crimson coloured garden tree that arrives around 60cm tall.

  15. Going Red Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    'Going Red' is an excellent focal point which changes through the seasons.

  16. Suminagashi Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The Suminagashi is a rounded, compact Japanese Maple which will continuously provide interest through the seasons with dark purple leaves in spring, which turn bronzed green in summer and transform into a stunning crescendo of crimson in autumn.

  17. Emerald Lace Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    The Acer Emerald Lace tree gift makes the perfect gift for those special occasions for the person who is your one true love.

  18. Sunshine Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    Sunshine is a source of pleasure that is felt the whole world over, the Sunshine Japanese Maple takes after its namesake as a truly pleasurable gift that adds a ray of sunshine to any walk of life.

  19. Japanese Sunrise Maple Tree Gift

    The Sunrise Japanese Maple Tree Gift is a small orange and yellow tree that will arrive at approx 2ft tall.

  20. Shirazz Japanese Maple Tree Gift

    Japanese Maples provide excellent colour and seasonal interest and the Shirazz is no exception! The palmately lobed leaves start out variegated become tinged with pink and purple, with hues deepening in summer and turning a bright red-purple in autumn.

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20 Item(s)

Acer trees - why they make the perfect gift

Acer trees or maple trees have the most beautiful foliage on them. Put an acer in your garden, like our Phoenix maple tree and it will bring you joy for many years to come. Acer’s tend to not be as large as many of our native tree gifts and are therefore suited to medium sized gardens. Our Phoenix maple tree, orange dream maple and fireglow japanese maple are all medium sized trees and will grow to around 20ft in height when fully matured. Acer trees are known for their spectacular colouring in Autumn in particular, bringing an explosion of colour and life into the garden.