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Unusual Birthday Gifts 

Surprise a loved one with a unique gift for their birthday. We have a range of unusual birthday gifts to choose from, each with their own special qualities you can match to the lucky recipient. 

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Birthday Trees

Although they come around each year, some birthdays are more of a milestone than others. First birthdays, 40th birthdays and 50th birthdays are typically seen as some of the biggest milestones, and giving gifts that commemorate the event is important.

At the heart of a truly special birthday gift is something that’s a proper reflection of the recipient - a present that captures their personality. No matter which milestone you’re celebrating, we have a variety of sustainable trees and plants that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Consider commemorating the birth of your grandchild, niece or nephew with a sapling that will grow with the baby for the duration of their life. Our Ash trees or Copper Beech trees would be perfect to mark the birth of a new baby. Both trees have rich histories in folklore - the Ash tree has been thought to have healing properties for ill children and was regarded for its protective qualities. The Copper Beech tree has been referred to as the Mother of the Woods throughout ancient Celtic lore.

Our fruit trees and plants are also great for commemorating a birthday. After the trees have begun producing fruit, the fruit can be used in the birthday dessert each year and a new tradition will have been formed!

To make the present even more personal, you can send a custom greeting card of your choice at no extra cost. Spend over £99 and get free delivery.