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New Year Gifts

Brighten up January and celebrate the New Year and new beginnings by sending one of our lovely evergreen trees. Our zesty Citrus tree gifts are particularly colourful and beautiful, perfect for the January detox.

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  1. Lemon Tree Gift

    Lemon Tree Gift from Tree2mydoor UK. High quality pot grown Lemon Tree, beautifully gift wrapped

  2. Small Bay Tree Gift

    Bay leaves are best known for their use in cooking and have a unique and fragrant flavour that compliments most stews and casseroles. The Bay Leaves from our superb Small Bay Trees are excellent in Asian and Mediterranean cooking and would make a perfect gift for a foodie.

  3. Orange Tree Gift

    Get fruity and send an Orange Tree Gift.

  4. Twisted Olive Tree Gift

    Send a twisted stem Olive Tree gift. An ancient symbol of peace and hope, the Olive Tree is steeped in legends.

  5. Olive Bush Gift

    Send someone special their very own "Plant of Peace". This small Olive Bush Gift will mark any special occasion and makes a great gift for those who don't have a lot of space.

  6. Lime Tree Gift

    Limes are versatile, healthy and smell fantastic and our Lime Tree Gift is a great gift idea for any occasion.

  7. Large Bay Tree Gift

    These large Bays will look great on a decked or patio area and is the perfect gift for foodies.

  8. Olive Tree Gift - Standard

    The Olive Tree is said to be a symbol of peace and this Olive Tree gift is the perfect gift to mark any special occasion. Our Standard Olive trees are looking exceptionally good at the moment and are covered in lots of tiny Olives!

  9. Bay Tree Gift - Medium

    These medium sized Bay tree gifts look fab as a pair at either side of the door, we love them with a twinkling of fairy lights.

  10. Grapefruit Tree Gift

    The beautiful evergreen Grapefruit Tree is a perfect focal point of any garden or conservatory. The beauty of this majestic gift offers many values that will reward anyone who receives it.

  11. Mandarin Orange Tree Gift

    Send a Mandarin Orange Tree as a Gift so your friends and family can grow their own at home. Best grown in a conservatory or sunny porch.

  12. Twisted Bay Tree Gift (large)

    Buy a Twisted Bay Tree Gift and have it delivered directly to your friends and family for a taste of the Med in their home.

  13. Half Standard Olive Tree Gift

    Our Half Standard Olive tree gift is perfect to perfect low maintenance tree to give for many occasions.

  14. Alaska Holly Tree

    A compact holly tree that is a great gift for the smaller garden.

  15. Double Stem Corkscrew Bay Gift (12L)

    The Double Stem Bay Tree add a touch of elegance to any home. The intricate stems that intertwine provide a beautiful pedestal for the vibrant green leaves.

  16. Golden King Holly Tree

    Send one of the three Kings with this beautiful Golden King Holly Tree Gift.

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16 Item(s)

New Year... New start!

New year is a time for new beginnings, a fresh start from the year before. With New Year gifts from Tree2mydoor you will be able to watch them grow as your new year grows. New year is about the excitement that is yet to come, creating a new life, or building on the amazing progress of the year before

The typical new years resolutions can be to lose weight, well why not try a tree that will help you do this. The beautiful Grape Fruit Tree Gift will give fruit up to 4 times a year which will help with that diet. The fruit is delicious and also has great medicinal properties.

New year is also about new experiences, The fantastic range of Olive Trees, Bay Trees and Citrus trees will add a splash of colour and taste to any new cooking venture.

The holiday of Hogmanay would be a perfect time to give a fruit tree to bring luck to a household for the next year. Imagine making a Black Bun with your very own fruit that you have plucked from your very own tree.

Make a new beginning this year and send a beautiful tree gift, building memories that last a life time, even as the years change.