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Unique Fathers Day Gifts

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for your dad this Fathers Day, look no further! Tree2mydoor specialises in trees and plants as gifts and we have been supplying Fathers Day gifts since 2004 to offer dads all around the British Isles with a gift idea that lasts for a lifetime. Fathers Day 2017 is on Sunday 18th of June. Select the tree or plant gift that you want to send to your dad, add a Fathers Day Card and personalise it before choosing the delivery date, then complete your order.

Order your Fathers Day Gifts and have their Gift Delivery set for Friday 15th June 2017.

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Personalised Fathers Day Gifts

Your Fathers Day gift from Tree2mydoor can be personalised by you. Choose the natural garden gifts that you want to send to your father, fill in your details and add your own message to the Fathers Day greetings card. Select a target delivery date and we will deliver your Fathers Day gift either to you or directly to your dad. Every Fathers Day gift that we sell is unique and each tree species has its own special properties, often steeped in ancient knowledge and meanings.

Order and Delivery Deadlines for Fathers Day Gifts 2017

All orders for Fathers Day gifts by 11am on Thursday 14th of June. Any orders placed after this time may not arrive until Monday the 20th of June or later.

Fathers Day Gift Delivery Options

All Fathers Day Gifts are sent via our Premium Courier Delivery Service (Next Day).

Please be aware that deliveries cannot be made on any Sunday, including Fathers Day. Saturday deliveries via Premium delivery incur an additional charge from the Courier company. We recommend that you order your Fathers Day gifts to arrive early to avoid disappointment. Order as early as you can and select a target delivery date for us to pack and post your Dads order. We recommend that you ask for delivery between Tuesdays and Fridays.

Fathers Day Tree sizes at this time

All of the tree gifts that we send out on your behalf are between 15cm and 90cm tall.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

While a tie or an electric shaver may be at the top of the traditional Father’s Day gift list, neither present would be feasible for a dad who gardens. Although a solitary activity, there is an abundance of unique gifts that you could purchase for your father if he enjoyed spending time in the garden.

Forget spades and rakes, gloves for pulling weeds and watering cans. Give dad something truly special this Father’s Day: choose from one of our sustainable, natural tree gifts, sure to delight any garden lover. If there’s one thing most gardeners enjoy, it’s having a truly remarkable tree or plant at the centre of their garden. Something inimitable - whether it’s because it is a rare breed or because it occupies a special place in the heart of the gardener.

That’s just what our selection of tree gifts could be for your dad this Father’s Day. For the gardener who enjoys eating the fruits of his labour, we suggest one of our popular fruit trees. From perfect Concorde pear trees to creeping grape vines, choose a plant that your dad will enjoy growing and eating. The fruit from our pear trees can be plucked and made into delicious classic desserts and our UK friendly grape varieties are sweet enough to turn any gardener into a novice winemaker.

A more traditional gift for a gardening dad with a large garden would be one of our English Oak trees. What large English garden would be complete without it? A favourite tree for its widening branches and lofty height, the acorn-bearing oak would make an excellent gift for Father’s Day, providing shade in the summer and attracting the company of squirrels and birds in the autumn.