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Plants at Christmas

Send one of our plant gifts for Christmas 2017. We have a lovely selection of Plant Gifts to choose from that will make a special gift this Christmas time. Have a browse of our Christmas Plants below and get in touch if you have any questions on 0161 870 6368.

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Finding The Right Plants at Christmas

If you are looking to send a plant as a gift this Christmas, we at Tree2mydoor can help. We have a number of different options for you to choose from to send to friends and family.

Opt for a hardy fruit bearing plant that will be dormant during Winter months and at Christmas - perfect for those who would love to grow their own fruit in the garden, but who wont be out in the garden much over the Winter. We have Raspberry Canes, Blueberry Plants, Gooseberry Plants, Grape Vines and Mixed Berry Boxes that are pot grown here in England, so they absolutely love our climate! All of these fruit plants require little to no care during the Winter months, they are very hardy and grown to the highest specifications so they will produce a bumper crop of fruit next Summer.

Alternatively, if you are after a bit of colour during mid-Winter, we strongly suggest sending one of our flowering plants for Christmas. We have a selection of ever popular gift Camellia plants that actually flower during the months of December and January. Our Camellia range of plant gifts are perfect for friends and family who have special occasions during Winter, such as gifts for Winter Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries and December Birthdays. Camellias are semi-hardy which means that they will require some care during hard frosts and ice (bring into a sheltered spot in the garden to protect from freezing water on leaves).

We also have an exclusive mini range of Christmas Roses available. Both are the highest quality potted rose bushes that are cut back for winter and gift wrapped in colour co-ordinted Christmas gift wrapping. Our Christmas Rose's will remain dormant and woody until Spring when they will produce new growth and bud to eventually produce beautiful scented roses in the month of June - half way until next Christmas!