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Unique Anniversary Gifts

Send a tree gift or an anniversary rose bush or seed bag for the special anniversary in your diary. Our unique anniversary gifts come lovingly gift wrapped and delivered on the date of your choice to grow and last for many years. Add your own personalised message to our unique Anniversary Greetings Cards at the time of your order. UK Wide delivery.

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Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every wedding anniversary reached is special, but there are some milestone anniversaries that cause for extra celebrations. Of course, this means that there are some anniversary years that get overlooked and as big a fuss isn’t made over them. We think every anniversary is unique, no matter the number and we have unique anniversary gifts to help celebrate these momentous occasions.

Fourth Anniversary Gifts - Fruit
Traditionally, the fourth wedding anniversary carries the theme of fruit. Save getting someone an enormous fruit basket, there just aren’t that many fruit-themed gifts out there. Lucky for you, we have a unique solution to this problem in the form of a fruit tree gift. Our wide selection includes a variety of apple trees, pear and nectarine trees, peach and plum trees and blueberry plants and grape vines. So congratulations and happy fourth with a personalised fruit-bearing tree today.

Fifth Anniversary - Wood
After five years, tradition dictates that anniversaries are celebrated with wooden things! Getting someone a new dining table might be too expensive and a set of wooden spoons would likely seem strange. We’ve found a happy medium: one of our beautiful, sustainable tree gifts! We have hundreds of trees for you to choose from, from big ones to small ones, indoor trees to outdoor trees—all of which can be personalised for the happy couple’s grand celebration.

Seventh Anniversary - Copper
After seven years of marriage, it is traditional to shower the couple with gifts of copper. Although not a commodity must of come into contact with often, we have an idea for a special copper gift: one of our Copper Beech trees!  With its coppery red branches and stunning purple leaves, this true is sure to raise a few heads in the garden.

Ninth Anniversary - Willow
Say congratulations on nine years of marriage in the traditional way: with a willow gift! Instead of giving the bride and groom gifts made from willow, why not go straight to the source and give them the willow itself? One of our favourites is the Golden Curls Willow tree with its fun and funky curling leaves, this tree makes a statement and a perfect, unique gift.

Twenty-fifth Anniversary - Silver
After 25 years of marriage, the couple’s hair isn’t the only thing going a bit silvery! If you or someone close to you has reached this momentous occasion, a proper celebration is in order. Nothing says congratulations uniquely like a tree gift and one of Silver Birch trees is just the ticket for reminding the happy couple of their special day and their time together.

Thirtieth Anniversary - Pearl
Pearls are on the cards for 30th anniversary celebrations, but don’t go heading off to the jeweller’s just yet! Our pearl rose bush would make an excellent, thoughtful alternative; every time the bush blooms, it will remind the lovebirds of each other, their special day and of you, the gift giver!

Fortieth Anniversary - Ruby
Red rubies have traditionally been observed as the proper 40th wedding anniversary gift, but lavishing a couple in rubies might just break the bank. Instead, opt for one of our beautiful ruby red rose bushes, with full blooms in a deep scarlet colour, this gift is sure to impress and delight the recipients.

Fiftieth Anniversary - Gold
Not many couples make it to 50 years of marriage these days and if you or someone you know has, there is definitely reason to celebrate! Gold has been set aside as the gift deemed most traditional for celebrating half a century of love. While we don’t have gold bars for you to purchase, we do have beautiful, natural gifts that glimmer like gold and that are good for the environment, too! Choose from one of our Golden Delicious apple trees, or golden anniversary rose bush