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Valentine’s Day Plants: 7 Romantic Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about showing loved ones how much you care about them, so it’s important to treat them to a present they’ll never forget. We have a range of beautiful Valentine’s Day plants to surprise your partner and make their day extra special.

Here are 5 lovely gift ideas to give you inspiration:

1) Red Love Apple Tree (£46.99)

A red love apple tree gift is the ultimate symbol of love. This is a dwarf tree that produces a sweet, succulent red dessert apple. It’s ideal for patios and small gardens and will soon become a talking point for friends and family who come to visit.

Beautifully bright red love apple trees. One of our most popular Valentine's Day plants.

2) Crab Apple Tree (£24.50)

The crab apple tree was known as the “tree of love” to Ancient Celts, making this a great gift for Valentine’s Day. This tree produces appetising apples for jelly, jam and wine.

The Crab Apple tree is also known as the "tree of love" - a great romantic gift.

3) With Love Rose (£24.98)

Roses are classic romantic gifts, and we have a whole range of roses to suit many occasions. This stunning and fragrant With Love Rose is sure to brighten up someone’s day (and their garden too).

The With Love rose is perfect for any occasion.

4) Large Fig Tree (£49.99)

The gorgeous large fig tree grows well in the cool British climate and produces decorative leaves and delicious fruit. Figs make yummy treats, meaning this is a gift for your Valentine and for yourself!

Fig trees produce delicious fruit for a range of treats.

5) Olive Bush (£26.99)

If you don’t have a lot of space, you may want to opt for the smaller and more convenient olive bush. This is known as the ‘plant of peace’ and produces tasty olives for nibbles, desserts and even cheeky cocktails.

Olive bushes are great for smaller gardens.

6) Lemon Tree (£49.99)

Why not treat your partner to a bright and colourful lemon tree? They produce fruit up to 4 times a year and can be kept in hallways, conservatories or patios.

Add some zest to your garden with a lemon tree.

7) Rowan Tree (£24.50)

For the superstitious people out there, a rowan tree is a good choice because they’re said to protect from negative enchantments. They can live up to 200 years and look stunning in any garden.

Rowan trees can live up to 200 years.

If you need more romantic gift ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day gifts category.

Treat the special someone in your life to a unique Valentine’s gift they’ll never forget. Check out these 7 stunning Valentine’s Day plants.
Valentine’s Day Plants: 7 Romantic Gift Ideas
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