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  • Tree of the Month Lime Tree - January 2012

    Tree of the month January 2012 – Lime tree

    Lime Tree Lime Trees; great for cocktails and they make great gifts too.

    Hello everyone, hope the new year is treating you well and you are not getting too down with the cold weather and dark days. Hopefully you checked out our blog post on gifts to end January blues and got some good ideas on perky tree gifts to cheer everyone up.

    Anyway now’s time for a look at our favourite tree gifts for this month: January.

    Lime Tree Gift:

    The lime tree is a fabulous tree, part of our citrus tree range and a firm favourite with us at Tree2mydoor and customers also.

    Limes are some of our favourite trees here at tree2mydoor, because as with other citrus trees like the Lemon tree and the Orange tree, because they fruit so frequently. So for example, even in the middle of winter, citrus trees can fruit and are boxed and sent out with fruit already on them. This makes them ideal gifts for really special occasions, like as anniversary gifts or birthday presents or even just to send to a lime loving friend.

    One of the other benefits to having your own fab lime tree is that you get to enjoy the fruit it produces right from the tree. So whether you are a cocktail fan, looking for fresh lime for your gin and tonic or an oriental foodie enthusiast searching for some zest for one of your special creations, a lime tree would be an excellent gift to send or receive.

    Care advice for Lime trees:

    Lime trees, as with all our other citruses, are classed as ‘indoor plants or trees’, however this doesn’t mean they are best kept directly inside the house, but rather in a porch, airy hallway or in a conservatory. Citruses don’t like to be in very hot places, like nest to radiators for example.

    Citrus trees also prefer to dry out totally before being watered. If they are watered continually the roots get damp and can rot, so it’s best to keep and eye on them.

    Citrus feed can really help your plant grow. We have winter citrus feed and summer Citrus feed available especially formulated to help your tree develop.

  • New Year's Resolutions and Planting Trees

    I’m sure everyone has already made their New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps some of the naughtier of us have already broken some and maybe some of the really terrible among us have already completely quit the New Year’s resolutions and are telling ourselves we can wait until next year for all that nonsense once again.

    New Year’s resolutions often seem very boring and not much fun at all, they seem to revolve around cutting out what was once fun; chocolate cake, a few cheeky drinks etc. Sometimes that is not necessarily a bad thing, it is true that you can have too much of a good thing, but does it really have to seem so boring?

    So given all this, I’m aware the last thing you probably want to hear about is yet another New Year’s resolution that we all need to follow, yet I still cannot resist making just one more that relates to us all. (Sorry).

    But here it is the best New Year’s resolution ever; to plant a tree. There it is so simple, but so good in oh so many ways.
    Why should you plant a tree as a New Year's Resolution.

    • Planting a tree is great for the environment and the local wildlife. Plant a native tree and help out the birds in your garden. Try a Rowan Tree, birds love their berries in January.
    • You get to eat fruit that you have grown. How great is that? Imagine an orange straight from your orange tree and into the juicer.
    • Watching your tree grow over the years is such a satisfying and gives a wonderful feeling of continuity.
    • Plant a tree and help out the rainforest.  Our dedicate a Tree packs and help conservation projects around the world and are so important.
    • Planting trees is a great activity to get young ones involved in and a great way to teach them about nature and keeping them interested in wildflife.
    • Trees give us a sense of peace and a connection with nature; a perfect way to forget those weekday blues.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year, remember to stop by and say hi to us on

    Check out this Tree2mydoor video about How to Plant a Tree:

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