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  • Dedicate a Tree in Northern Ireland with Tree2mydoor

    Hello everyone,

    Today is a special blog post written by our friends at Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland. Read on and find out about them and how you can help them by buying one of our special dedicate a tree packs.

    Tree Planting in Northern Ireland Just about to plant some trees with helpful volunteers

    As the red and brown colours of autumn begin to appear in the trees, we look forward to the forthcoming tree planting season beginning in mid-November. During the 2010/2011 winter Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland planted more than 100,000 trees across Northern Ireland in spite of many weeks of snow and we hope to plant even more trees this winter.  Many of the trees we grow ourselves with tree seed collected from areas of old woodland, for example in the Glens of Antrim.

    Support tree planting projects in Northern Ireland by buying a Dedicate a Tree gift.


    This year we are also planting some trees on publicly accessible sites for Trees2myDoor. Planting trees is good for the landscape and biodiversity and also a great way to involve and inspire local people to become involved in improving their area.


    Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland (CVNI) promotes the support, development, training and practical involvement of individuals in action to improve the environment.
    CVNI works in partnership with a wide range of individuals and organisations including schools, businesses, community groups, local authorities and government agencies to involve people in projects to improve their environment, learn new skills, and at the same time becoming more environmentally aware and more active in their community.

    From its five offices CVNI provides advice, support, training and information as well as practical action through our own practical groups, including Conservation Action Teams and Green Gym groups. All our projects result in practical environmental improvement through voluntary effort and include tree planting, drystone walling, path creation, woodland management, pond construction, hedgelaying, building school nature areas and creating informal urban open spaces.


    To give some idea of the scale of CVNI’s activities, during the year from April 2010 to March 2011 we achieved the following outputs:


    • Total number of sites we worked on to improve the environment: 392
    • Total number of people involved: 21,675
    • Total number of days of volunteer involvement: 34,142


    Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland is the Northern Ireland region of BTCV which is a UK-wide environmental charity.

    Thanks for reading about CVNI and the excellent work they do, if you would like to help them out, why not dedicate a tree in Northern Ireland today?

  • White Rose Forest Tree Planting

    Today we have a guest blog post from the organisers giving an intro the to White Rose Forest and what they do. Expect regular updates from the White Rose Forest team at Scammonden water and what they are up to. You can buy a dedicate a tree gift and help the organisation today - See all of our conservation gifts.

    The White Rose Forest is a Yorkshire based partnership of organisations that  brings together forestry experts, landowners and local communities to plant more trees and protect habitats for our children’s future.

    At Scammonden Water, we are creating a Forest Park with the award winning Colne Valley Tree Society leading the community effort.


    Contact us to learn more about the White Rose Forest and how to get involved.


    Follow the Colne Valley Tree society's blog CVTS and WRF websites


  • Trees for Cities Guest Post

    For today's blog post, we have a special guest post from our friends at Trees for Cities. You Can find more about them below and support their charity (and others) by buying a dedicate a tree pack for sites all across the UK.

    Introduction to trees for cities

    On the most basic level, Trees for Cities does what it says on the tin; we plant trees in cities. We operate in heavily urbanised cities worldwide, uniting communities and bringing invaluable environmental benefits to those who need it most. Initially known as Trees for London, the charity has developed due to overwhelming demand and our work can now be seen outside of Europe, in South America and Africa.

    Participants at Tree-Athlon

    Studies have shown that people have a greater sense of well-being when surrounded by trees, yet think how many urban areas – even London, one of the so-called greener cities – remain, to quote Alicia Keys, ‘Concrete Jungles’. Dreams may be made here, but not everyone’s fantasy is devoid of greenery. For those of us not fortunate enough to have been blessed with an outrageously good singing voice, reality is the daily grind, made more and more claustrophobic by the ever increasing appearance of lofty skyscrapers. While such edifices are undoubtedly great feats of engineering, each construction further insulates us city dwellers. Part of what we do, at Trees for Cities, is fight the tide of urban landscaping to deliver a certain aesthetic beauty to people too used to grey.


    However, we’re not just about making the place look nice. Trees are fundamental to the world’s survival, and without them we would cease to exist. Whether it’s developing edible food projects in local schools or large scale woodland projects, trees improve biodiversity, stimulate habitat development and filter harmful pollutants from vehicle emissions. In this time of economic hardship the fact that the Mayor of London continues to direct funds towards tree planting demonstrates the continued importance of what we’re trying to achieve. For too long trees have been considered a luxury; finally, the reality of their importance is being fully appreciated.

    Tree Planting

    As with most charities, we’re reliant on the donations of people and companies across the country. However, we do try to be proactive, and to give people something back in return for their generosity. Part of this is our annual fund-raising event, the Tree-Athlon. It’s a 5km run, held in the beautiful setting of London’s Battersea Park. Every year hundreds of people take part, but the event is much more than just a jog. For us, it embodies the principles that we stand for, bringing people together to embrace their surroundings, making use of them and, importantly, having fun while doing so.


    As well as being an important fund-raising opportunity, we treat the Tree-Athlon as a chance to engage with all our stakeholders – whether it’s Martin from Lambeth or Zoe from News International - promoting our own aims, but also highlighting the huge recreational benefits that are available on people’s doorsteps. We are a generation of screen addicts and with obesity rates continuing to soar it is vital that people reap the rewards that the environment can provide, taking pleasure in exercise and embracing opportunities outside of their homes.


    The whole day is a spectacular bonanza of running, music, face-painting and all round fun. Everyone can be involved, whether you’re running or not. This year we’re even trying to break the record for most entrants in a 100m barefoot sprint. Too many organised events take themselves too seriously and miss out on the wonderful opportunity that you’re provided with when such vast sums of people gather together. What we’re trying to convey is that while parks can be used to go running- and taking exercise is a really good thing- they’re also there for so much more. They’re a tool for community involvement, a place to make new friends, a safe place to take your children and they’re vital to the ongoing protection of the environment.


    Here at Trees for Cities we really believe in the Tree-Athlon, and we want as many people as possible to benefit from it. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in taking part, or just coming down for day, then register at or email Team Tree-Athlon at for more information.

    Please see our wonderful dedicate a tree packs and help support a charityacross the UK :)

  • Dedicate a Tree Conservation Gifts Launched

    Dedicate a tree gift service now launched!

    Hi everyone,

    We are very excited to tell you about the launch of our Dedicate a tree gift service. Looking for a unique and interesting gift, want to support charity? This could be perfect for you.

    Help support charity by tree planting with one of our fantastic new Dedicate a Tree packs. For each pack sold, we are passing on profits to the tree conservation charity of your choice. You can help us plant more trees and conserve our beautiful wildlife heritage and choose a charity close to your heart and local area. Each and every tree gift pack makes a huge difference.

    Dedicate a Tree Box


    What the ‘dedicate a tree packs’ contain:

    • A gift presentation certificate
    • Information about the tree conservation that this gift box has supported
    • Instructions on how to register your tree dedication.
    • *That warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you have helped really important cause and that you have helped trees to be planted directly on your behalf.

    Find out more about the charities that your dedicate a tree pack will help:

    Trees for cities: work with communities to plant trees in parts of cities that need it most. They aim to grow stronger neighbourhoods, enhance urban landscapes. They operate in; Bath, Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London (taking a breath for air), Manchester, Nottingham, Peterborough, Reading and Sheffield. Dedicate a tree in cities accross the UK

    Tree Planting in Peterborough

    BTCV – Northern Ireland Tree Campaign: these guys get involved in mass planting events and hold training courses and workshops. You can read more about the Northern Ireland Tree Campaign. Now you can Dedicate a tree in Northern Ireland.

    Trees for Life: working to restore the Caledonian forest and its species to a large area in the highlands of Scotland. Read more about the Trees for Life campaign. You can now Dedicate a Tree in the Scottish Highlands!

    White Rose Forest: Kirklees council have been working to preserve the beauty of Scammonden water in the Penine Valley. Dedicate a tree for the White Rose Forest.

    And of course we must mention, our continued support of Fauna and Flora International and their global trees campaign

    We will be featuring regular updates from our charity partners so stay tuned :)

  • Rainforests in decline (and why all tree planting is not equal)

    Dedicate a tree in Ecuador Rainforest in Ecuador

    Rainforests are amazing places which are home to amazing trees. Although rainforests make up only 6% of the world’s surface area they contain half of all known species, including many animals, birds, insects and plants that are found nowhere else on the planet.  Rainforest trees are also special, with many growing to great heights and living for hundreds of years.  These trees underpin the great variety of life that exists in rainforests and provide a great many products and services that are essential to us as humans.  These include not only the oxygen that we breathe but also the 80% of our diets, the hundreds of medicines and the great variety of other products derived from rainforest trees or those species that rely on them.

    However, despite their importance, rainforests and their trees are in serious trouble.  Facing attack from loggers, land clearance for agriculture, invasive species, disease and over exploitation of their precious resources, rainforests are shrinking at an alarming rate and trees are becoming threatened with extinction.  Globally, over 8,000 species of tree are threatened and 1,000 of these are so critically endangered that they are likely to disappear completely unless action is taken to save them now.

    Macaw The Macaw: under threat

    Tree planting is one obvious way of reversing this decline and a number of projects around the world are doing just this.  However, many of these projects focus on quantity rather than quality – replanting hundreds of fast growing, non-native trees, which may look good in the short term but which cannot replace the native species that have grown there for hundreds or thousands of years.   These native tree species fit perfectly into the forest where they have evolved, providing food and shelter for countless animal and plant species that often could not survive without them.
    A great example is the monkey pot tree, found only in the Chocó rainforest of Ecuador.  Its large coconut like fruits are an essential source of food for the endangered great green macaw and without this tree the macaw would find it hard to survive.  With our local partners, the Global Trees Campaign is using this species, along with others such as Tangare (a tree found only in Ecuador that has become extremely threatened due to logging for its timber) to restore the rainforest of the Awacachi Corridor in Ecuador.  By focussing our efforts on conserving and replanting threatened native trees in Ecuador and around the world, it is possible to both tackle the decline of rainforests and prevent these trees from becoming extinct.  By planting a tree in this way you can also save a species.

    Tree planting in Ecuador Local child planting a Tangare tree in Ecuador

    You can help the Global Trees Campaign save threatened trees and forest areas by buying our Dedicate a Tree conservation gifts, in partnership with Tree2mydoor.  You can plant a monkey pot tree in Ecuador, a mahogany in the rainforests of Belize, a monkey puzzle in Chile or a conifer in Vietnam.

    A joint initiative between Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), the Global Trees Campaign is the only international campaign dedicated to saving threatened trees. Find out more about our work on the Global Trees Campaign website or Facebook page.

  • Tree2MyDoor – Conservation Update

    Fauna and Flora International’s Global Tree Project

    Tree2MyDoor is currently working with Fauna and Flora International’s Global Tree Project partners to develop a “Dedicated Tree” programme that will help conserve many of the world’s most endangered tree species.

    From rare Magnolias in China, to disappearing Palms in Tanzania; threatened Conifers in Vietnam and endangered Apple Trees in Kyrgyzstan, Fauna and Flora International (FFI) which has over 100 different conservation projects in over 40 different countries, is currently involved in a dozen tree conservation projects across the Globe, ranging from identifying key sites for threatened trees in southern China and Vietnam to saving threatened hardwoods in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains.

    Already leading the field in dedicated tree programmes in the UK, Tree2MyDoor is currently involved in FFI Tree projects in Brazil, Chile and Belize. In Belize, for example, conservationists are currently investigating the sustainable management of the Honduran Rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii); a high quality timber used in the production of musical instruments but currently under threat from local agriculture   practices.

    Founder Gareth Mitchell says: “ Tree2MyDoor has worked hard to support a number of conservation projects and since the company started, in 2004, we are delighted to report we’ve raised over £10,000 to support the Global Tree Campaign.”

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